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”The skills and life experience you’ll gain in the real estate industry will always be in demand, no matter what path you career ultimately takes,” says Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate.

The face of real estate is constantly evolving and a very strong and positive trend is the influx of young graduates into the industry. Many are attracted to real estate since they can manage their own time and ultimately write their own cheques. However, apart from these obvious benefits, there are a number of significant opportunities for personal and professional growth in the property industry.
Paramount is that the skills acquired in this industry will never be wasted–in fact they’re vital for virtually any area of business one might choose to enter in the future. Fundamentals include:
Listening to the clients: Any successful business requires that you listen carefully to your clients in order to ascertain their needs. Estate agents must factor both buyers’ and sellers’ needs into every transaction, and problem solve around any arising conflicting issues. Next are negotiation skills, which are a sophisticated step up from basic problem solving, since the element of strategy becomes key.
 The real estate industry further challenges its participants in terms of personal time and money management – living on commission requires discipline and planning.
The marketing of real estate requires creativity and innovation and this is a stimulating and exciting element, which appeals to many young graduates, particularly those with marketing, business science or commerce training.

The age and stage of many young graduates can lend itself to the industry, in that the rules of a typical nine-to-five position do not apply. Real estate agents often work evenings or weekends. This can be easier for a young graduate who may not yet have family commitments and other responsibilities. It may well be that such an agent is available at times when many other agents are not. This could be a competitive edge.

Tech savvy millennials have brains calibrated to take full advantage of a universe with growing digital marketing opportunities. All the time spent on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is likely to pay off in the real estate industry, and this gives them a great head start, as they’re often teaching older more experienced agents about social media platforms and other digital communication opportunities.
Having said that, the more mature, experienced agents can impart vital people skills, from which their younger counterparts can benefit. It’s vital to remember that real estate remains a people driven industry. When one is buying or selling what is invariably their greatest asset, they require guidance and constant personal feedback from their agent. This truly is key in our business.

Graduates may well battle to find employment in their chosen field, as most employers require experience, and there’s the age-old dilemma of needing to populate your CV. This is where the real estate industry is ideal as it offers internships and  the opportunity to start earning commission while you train.
Even if you don’t make a long-term career of real estate, it is a great addition to your CV and can only be a leg up in your professional life.

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