Working with us - Who are we?

Greeff has grown from a one-man-show, which Mike Greeff started at his dining room table in 2001, to the successful agency we are today. Mike firmly believes that the success of the company can be attributed to "The Greeff point of difference".

"We're the David among the Goliaths - we may be smaller, but that's what allows us to be so powerful. We can be flexible and make the kind of quick decisions that are the make or break of many a negotiation in this field. A top-heavy company with a huge corporate image and a massive national structure cannot possibly "rock and roll" in the same way a tighter, leaner ship can. What this means is that management is always available to advise."

The Greeff team ethic is all-important and in addition we are firm believers in nurturing relationships and focusing on the value of individuals within the group.

Every agent and admin staff member we employ embodies a Greeff ethic, embodying a culture of integrity, professionalism and a recognition that client service, incorporating constant and person to person communication is paramount to the success of our company.

Greeff is not seeking to be mainstream, we provide a bespoke service specialising in Cape Town based real estate. We are proudly Capetonian, yet we have been recognised by and are affiliated to the world's leading property group, Christie's International Real Estate.
Mike Greeff
CEO of Greeff Properties
Qualities we look for
High-energy individuals
Independent individuals who can also operate in a team
Intelligent, strategic thinkers
Ambition with desire to build a career path
What will you get in return?

You will get to work with exceptional people, who love what they do and are passionate about the clients they serve. You’ll work in a meritocracy with access to the CEO, the ability to progress and recognition that relates to performance.


Whilst we promote and respect qualifications –honourable character and experience go much further in our view

If you are interested in working at Greeff Properties, please send your CV to:

Or contact Mike Greeff at 083 679 1809