What is Hotel & Leisure?
Greeff Hotel & Leisure is a division of Greeff Christie's International Real Estate that specialises in the Leisure and Hospitality Real Estate Sector. The Leisure and Hospitality sector focuses on Guesthouses, restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, etc.

This niche of the tourism industry has done much to create entrepreneurs and subsequently, employment. Greeff Hotel & Leisure operates throughout the greater Cape Town area and has a strong focus on the tourism and commercial industry.

We have previously sold a number of notable properties, including the historic Houw Hoek Inn Hotel in Grabouw and Whale View Manor in Simon's Town to name a few. Greeff Leisure has numerous listings that are currently not displayed in order to protect the privacy and business interests of the proprietors.
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What do we offer?
Greeff is your perfect partner when it comes to all aspects of buying or selling a property in the hospitality sector and guiding you through a successful property transaction. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a hotel, guesthouse, Bed & Breakfasts, lodge or backpackers, a special skill set is required with regard to finance, legal compliance, zoning, and council regulations. Careful attention to all of these factors will lead to a smooth handover. This is a niche market where confidentiality is paramount and we, at Greeff are proud to be able to offer just that to all our clients..
We keep in mind at all times that selling a hospitality business often means selling not only a business but a home and a reputation. We value your trust and have the best interests of you and your business in mind. Selling a business can be a difficult and complicated process. We are ready and willing to help you each step of the way and to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.
Why choose us?
Our network of qualified local and international buyers lets you access a wide market while our bespoke marketing and advertising plans let us advertise your business where it will be seen by the right people. Our discretion and due diligence ensures that your enquiry is handled discreetly and our commitment to the protection of your personal information guarantees that your business remains protected.

We pride ourselves in the ability to remain sensitive to the requirements of all our clients as well as their staff. Our level of service is incomparable, and we have a proud history of exceeding client expectations. Greeff Christie's International Real Estate is dedicated to looking after your needs 'Where it counts'. Our affiliation to Christie's International Real Estate puts your home on show on the international stage and with guaranteed exposure and global attention, your property is sure to sell at a desired price and in a timely manner.
Who are we?
Greeff Hotel & Leisure is headed by Dan Pienaar. Dan has extensive experience in hospitality, residential and commercial property, focusing on the Southern Peninsula. As Dan is familiar with all the aspects of what it takes to make lifestyle dreams a reality.
Dan is an experienced agent who has spent many years in the real estate industry and is well-versed in the leisure and hospitality division.
Dan Pienaar
(084) 970 3999