All you need to know: free-standing homes vs gated estates

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If you are in the market to purchase a home, deciding on the right one will prompt you to consider various factors before signing.

Are you looking for a family home or a space just for you? Do you want all of the responsibility of finding the right home in the right area or do you just want a slice of suburbia to call your own?

One of the first questions to consider may be whether or not you'd want to purchase a free-standing property or a property within a gated estate? 

Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie's International Real Estate shares his thoughts on the matter, "Any purchase of a property is a bold step but undoubtedly a wise investment and should not be worrisome, provided you have done your research and have the backing of a reputable real estate agency behind you. The choice of properties in either a gated estate or one that is free-standing, both have their advantages and the ultimate decision should leave you completely happy with your selection."
Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a free-standing property or home in a gated estate:
Free-standing properties
Upgrades are your choice
After purchasing a property, you have the freedom to execute upgrades or expansions as you wish. These upgrades would still need to be approved by the municipality and in some instances, your neighbours. For the most part however, you can redesign as you wish. The only limits would be your budget and your imagination. 
Space will never be an issue
Living in a free-standing property allows you the space and freedom to extend or expand your property without anyone hampering your decision. The freedom of a free-standing house means the ability to use space as you choose. This is again, subject to legal limits determined by the municipality and ensuring that all extensions are fully compliant to health and safety and building regulations.
Room for children and pets 
If you have a family with small or young children, you may be reluctant to live on shared property or an apartment block. These properties are usually smaller and often do not accommodate children or pets in a manner where they will be free to play or have fun. The family dog may not have their daily walk and space to roam free but with a free-standing property, there are various ways to accommodate all. 
Gated estates
Prime security
Gated estates are known for security above all. Choosing to purchase a property in a gated estate comes with the assurance that you would be purchasing a property that is safe and secure. This is especially important as you examine the current state of society and levels of crime associated with your respective city or area of choice. Security has never been more important than now and will continue to remain a major concern in the years ahead.
Convenience on your doorstep
Along with the security of living in a gated estate, there is also the convenience that comes along with it. Secure estates are often built to be in close proximity of selected amenities and their various offerings. These offerings in most cases include a convenience store of some sort, a petrol station, a gym in some cases and even a shopping centre (if not inside the estate there will be one close by). 
Lower insurance premiums
With living in a more secure place, there is the added advantage of having lower insurance premiums albeit risk profile dependent. The risk of home invasions and burglaries are significantly lowered when one considers the monitoring and security features found on gated estates. Regular patrols and security systems linked to a rapid response team automatically translate to lower risk and lower premiums. 
The decision to purchase a property will require careful decision making and cannot be reached without thoughtfully considering all aspects. Always enlist the help of a reputable agent from a trustworthy agency to help you through the purchase process. 

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