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With technology at the forefront of society and an app for almost everything, the real estate sector is not exempt from the steady march of progress.

With many agents that are more traditional in their approach, the real estate sector can choose to evolve or run the risk of traditional methods becoming obsolete. Fortunately, there is a way to ease the transition and find a symbiosis between traditional real estate agent's practices and the new wave of data-driven software. Greeff Christie's International Real Estate has embraced the future by choosing to digitally upskill its agents, allowing them to give their clients a more holistic and involved real estate experience.

Greeff Christie's International Real Estate CEO, Mike Greeff, offers his take on the subject, "Technology is a part of every facet of our daily routines. It shows our progress and development and is a sign that society is evolving in its behaviour. Attending an Inman Connect Real Estate Conference in San Francisco earlier this year opened my eyes to the impact technology is having on the traditional real estate landscape.

While countries abroad are more advanced, I do believe that technology cannot be outrun by industry professionals and should be implemented in a way that is not only conducive for the business environment but also in a way where technological avenues are explored to the fullest. 

"Some estate agencies have even gone so far as choosing to acquire digital real estate platforms as a preventative measure against technology infiltrating their domain. Rather than being afraid of being replaced by technology and knee-jerk reactions of eliminating the digital competition, the real estate industry should consider effectively using the tools and technology we have available to be better at what we do.

Technology is not just about making our lives easier but also enables us as a modern real estate business to make the client's experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible. This level of thinking shows modernism in our business which is a key differentiator."

Greeff Christie's International Real Estate is the only South African affiliate to Christie's International Real Estate, a brand that is over 250 years old. Christie's International Real Estate is a name synonymous with quality, luxury and international reach.

Our affiliation to this luxury market luminary gives our platforms an incredible amount of reach and impact. Christie's International Real Estate's clients have come to expect a certain level of excellence in service and professionalism and Cape Town is not any different. Greeff sought out HubSpot in an effort to merge the established values of the past with the technology of the future ensuring this world-class communication software enables a seamless customer experience. 

An international communications tool created by two former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduates for the purpose of making communication more effective, HubSpot's aim is to be helpful yet personal.

With a reach in over 100 countries, HubSpot has become the tool of choice for industry professionals with tools on marketing and sales to finetune the means by which we communicate. This personal and people driven approach is the marriage of cutting-edge data driven technology and traditional good values that put people first.

It is with this in mind that Greeff sought out HubSpot as the tool to implement across the business.

"Rather than developing technology from scratch in South Africa, we can utilise technology that already exists and is highly effective overseas. In a sector that moves so quickly, developing your own version of technology that already exists means that overseas companies will always have a head start.

An added advantage to established international based platforms is that they have already worked out many of the bugs and have established what works in the market thereby eliminating the need for trial and error locally," Says Greeff.

HubSpot, a Wall Street listed company, offers a range of customer relationship management (CRM) tools and strategies to businesses. The training provided by HubSpot has enabled the Greeff team to better understand the needs of the market and has given them the edge where it counts. The new process allows agents to give swift responses to your queries without being impersonal and mechanical.

The streamlining process also allows the team to better manage the types of content presented to its clients, the way that it is presented as well as where it is published. 

"We are now more adept than ever at catering to the needs of our clients across the spectrum. Each client is different, has different needs, challenges and reasons for purchasing and buying, we need to therefore help clients based on their individualistic situation, and not through generic messaging that doesn't speak to them as people.

Many companies use the approach of overwhelming clients with content that is irrelevant and impersonal. Greeff Christie's International Real Estate's agents feel safe in the knowledge that they are not being replaced by technology but rather enhanced by it. United States online real estate company Compass had recently acquired several real estate brokerages in the US - including Conlon Christie's International Real Estate, an affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate. 

Thus, reinforcing the school of thought that the human element is critical to success and that technology, however advanced and effective, is in need of the influence of a brand such as Christie's and the expertise and negotiating skills engrained in agents.
With the hype around low-commission online agencies at a high, the impact of traditional real estate agents has never been more relevant. In a market where buyers and sellers are few and far between, agents have built up a rapport and personal connection in dealing with their clients," says Greeff.
Agents are highly skilled professionals who have spent years immersed in the market and learning to understand the finer details of what it entails and are able to alleviate any fears the buyer or seller may have - an inherent ability not easily replaced. 

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