Why hiring an estate agent is the smartest move you'll ever make

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Acquiring or selling a property is viewed as one of the most significant decisions an individual will make, and it is therefore imperative to enlist the help of experienced and skilled professionals to ensure the task at hand goes smoothly. 
Mike Greeff, Chief Executive of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate says, “Real estate agents primarily function to assist and steer their client in the direction they are hoping to achieve. Their function extends to finding the best buyers, securing the best price and assisting the seller in making informed decisions such as price counselling and marketing directives.” 
With the hype around low-commission online agencies at a high, the impact of traditional real estate agents has never been more relevant. In a market where buyers and sellers are few and far between, agents have built up a rapport and personal connection in dealing with their clients. Agents are highly skilled professionals who have spent years immersed in the market and learning to understand the finer details of what it entails and are able to alleviate any fears the buyer or seller may have. 
Additionally, estate agents undergo continuous training to ensure they remain up to date with emerging trends and regulations. With the internet evolving everyday with new information, it is almost impossible for online agencies to keep up with the constant changes in the market. As professionals, estate agents will look deeper into a matter before he or she makes any decisions which influence a buyer or seller.
These are some other advantages of enlisting an estate agent when selling your home:
They are experienced and qualified
Estate agents are not only experienced in their field, but they are also qualified. All agents are required to be registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EEAB) and receive their PrivySeal, which maintains that they are fully compliant and up to date with all EAAB regulations. Estate agents are trained to provide the best service for their clients and ultimately, obtain the best price during the course of the sale.
They offer you price guidance
Estate agents are in tune with the finer details and nuances of the market and will be of a great advantage when you are in the process of deciding on a price for your home. Estate agents will advise you on what’s in the know when the market changes and how to prepare for those changes. Price guidance is important in this regard as often the pricing of the home is positively or negatively instrumental in selling.
They act as buffers
Throughout the buying and selling process, the parties involved may struggle to come to terms on any number of factors whether it be price or what remains on the property’s premises. Here, agents act as the mediator to make sure both buyer and seller are kept happy and that they both receive what they are looking for. 
They offer you market knowledge
As the market is constantly changing, an estate agent keeps abreast of the latest developments as well as when there is a dip or increase in the market. Whether we are in a buyer’s market or seller’s market – it is important to inform a seller of what the prospects are and what they can expect in terms of receiving offers or possibly not receiving as many as expected.
They are experienced negotiators and will handle your paperwork
Estate agents are skilled in negotiating for you. At times, matters may reach a deadlock with neither party willing to budge; this is when you need a negotiator to steer the process in the right direction and move things forward. Estate agents are trained to negotiate and are experienced in getting out of difficult situations. In addition to being excellent negotiators, they will also take care of your paperwork in that they will walk you through each process, explaining each clause and detailing what is required of you. It is the job of estate agent to make your life easier and make your venture into the real estate market a hassle-free experience.
They provide you with a marketing strategy
Once you enlist the help of an estate agent, he or she will assemble a full marketing strategy for as long as the home is for sale. At Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate, we make use of both print and digital mediums to best market our properties. These include print platforms such as our Greeff OUTLOOK magazine, Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine, Greeff Choices, Property Times and various other print publications. Digital mediums include extensive use of property portals such as Property24, Private Property and IOL Property. Social media marketing on company platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Marketing a property remains an integral aspect of selling your home.

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