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"Making the decision to sell your property is the culmination of a complex thought process.

"It signals a transition in your life, with the closing of one chapter and the start of something new. Before you start this new process there would need to be a few things considered," says CEO of Greeff Christie's International Real Estate, Mike Greeff. 

As the seller, there are several ways in which to ready yourself and your property before the active marketing and buying process takes place. 
Consider the following:
- Start with the renovation of key areas
In most cases, there are two important rooms of the home that buyers pay close attention to, namely kitchens and bathrooms. Buyers enjoy envisioning themselves and their families in a space and imagine making it their own. While renovating costs for kitchens and bathrooms can run high, starting with simple things like cleaning out grout and polishing the tiles in these areas can have an immediate effect on the rooms' appearance.

A few more cosmetic updates and matched colour schemes between appliances and sanitaryware could make a world of difference. Another area for renovation and revamp to be looked at could be the garage - due to its layout and size. Clear the clutter, toss the junk, organise the shelves and give it a fresh coat of paint. You could also consider looking at introducing energy-saving elements into your home before making the decision to sell. In recent years, with the uncertainty surrounding electricity and water, eco-friendly features such as solar panels, well points and boreholes will go a long way towards making your home more appealing to buyers and pay for themselves in the long run. 

- Use high-quality, professionally shot photos for the listing
Listing your property online is your property's virtual debut to the world so it needs to be as captivating and impactful as possible. Ensure the agency your property is listed with makes use of a professional photographer who will take the best possible photographs of your property. The photographer should use professional equipment and lighting tools to ensure the photographs are of excellent quality. Consult with the photographer about the best time of day or night to achieve the best shots of the interior and exterior of your home. Declutter spaces in the home to make the images even more appealing and to give the buyer more of an opportunity to imagine themselves and their belongings in the space. 
- Once all of the above has taken place, prepare your home for a show day
Successful sellers all know, having your property on show often seals the deal for those interested in buying. Perhaps they've seen the property listed online or have seen an ad in the local newspaper. Show days are the opportunity to truly solidify their initial interest into that of a serious buyer, willing to place an offer to purchase. Tips for preparing your home for show days include, making use of storage facilities where possible. Another tip would be to stage certain areas or rooms where applicable. Make use of appealing pastel colours and inspired décor items to spruce up a room.

First impressions go a long way with show days so ensure your curb appeal is at it best by clearing walkways leading to the front door and replacing them with attractive sidewalk plants and a welcome mat at the front door. Apply a coat of fresh paint on the front door in a defining colour and perhaps place carefully situated candles or scent diffusers along the passages of the home. 

Getting your home ready for the market can be successfully achieved if you work with a dedicated, experienced estate agent from a reputable brand and ensure that your home looks and feels its best.

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