Serious sellers stand to benefit from show days

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Show days are known as one of the longest-standing marketing tools for agents all around the country.

There have been many new marketing tools that have since emerged, and while they are very successful none are as successful as the show day in which agents can market the main attraction - the home. 

Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie's International Real Estate says, "Having the home of a seller 'On Show' has and will continue to be something that Greeff holds as a priority.

"We are of the belief that those interested in buying would still like to stop by a property to acclimatize themselves with the property and surrounding environment. We know first-hand, what the insurmountable benefits of show days are and can only continue to encourage prospective buyers and investors to view their chosen property in person. With that said, for those who are in the process of selling their homes - the benefits of show days could be even greater.

"There is immense value to be found when those who are serious about selling are on board with show days taking place. "

Show days appeal to a certain market
With the latest tech advances being all the rage, there are still those who wish to view a property in person and not from a smart device. Estate agents understand the importance of this select market and see the value in recurring show days to entice buyers. Show days are unique in their appeal and while a younger market may be keen on getting all of the virtual feels of a prospective property, we do know that there is a large segment of the market who place show days as a priority before making a life altering decision. 
Show days allow people to envision themselves there
Nothing appeals to a person more than being able to envision themselves in a home they might be interested in. Show days allow prospective buyers and investors to get an all-round look and feel of the property and get a good feel of its surroundings. Once they walk through the home, they may be able to properly envision themselves, children, pets and belongings in the home and see what it may be like living there. Once people see what their communities and settings are like, they may be closer to making a permanent decision on their place of residence. 
Show days make the photos come to life
While photos do make a world of difference and can certainly add to the appeal of listings online, it is true that seeing a property in person makes a considerable difference to the eventual outcome of one's interest. Property photos might not always depict the house for what it is and could even do the property an injustice. The opportunity to feel out a home's potential and imagine yourself and your family in the space could very well be a deal maker for your sale. 
Show days allow agents to meet a prospective buyer in person, also allowing for negotiation
When estate agents have show days, not only does this allow the buyer to get a look of the property but it also allows the agent to gain a personal insight and understanding into the buyer. Thus, allowing them the opportunity to negotiate with the buyer in person - something that may not have been as effective if done otherwise. In the business of real estate, relationship building is still a key factor and taking the time to meet with your buyer in person will certainly reflect your effort and care to your buyer. 
Show days may have become less popular with the latest technology advancements but its effectiveness has certainly not waivered. 

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