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One of the exciting prospects of owning your own property, is getting to renovate, update and make over your property to suit your desired tastes, evolve with the times and adapt it to trends. 
Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie's International Real Estate advises those thinking of renovating to start small. "If you are looking at taking on the renovation of your home on your own, it is best to start small and take on one thing at time, giving it your undivided attention and utmost care along the way. This will most certainly work to your benefit and could also act as a good learning curve for future renovation plans."
Follow these renovation tips to make your first time renovating, a resounding success
Consult a professional 
As this is your first time renovating, a prudent move would be consulting with a professional about the areas you are looking to take on. He or she should be able to offer you considerable advice on how, when and where to begin first. Consulting with someone should also be able to give you an idea on whether your budget set out will be able to cover all of the expenses you are possibly going to incur. 
Take on smaller projects first or take on one big task at a time
Emphasising once again that this is your first renovation, make a point of it to only take on one big area at a time or a selection of smaller projects. Doing so will ensure you are not spread too thin and still have enough time for other commitments. Look at working on one or two outdoor areas to work on together which will arguably take up less of your time altogether. Bigger tasks such as the kitchen or bathroom should be focused on individually. 
Look at flooring renovations to bring about a big change
During renovations, one does not always consider flooring as a something to be renovated yet doing so acts as a big change already. Think engineered oak wood floors, travertine tiles, laminated flooring and porcelain tile as they all represent great options and will go far to ensuring your property is left looking brand new. 
Remember, stay within your budget
Renovating can be a very exciting time and because of this, it may be easy to get carried away with expenses where you may want to spend more than what you have allocated to this renovation project. It is important to remember that you have budgeted for a set amount and really should not exceed this amount. Be detailed in your planning and research the costs of products before deciding to purchase, this will save you in the long run. 
Maximise the space you already have
Renovating your property need not be an extreme task. The key to renovating lies in utilising most of the resources, space and layout you already have. If your space is small, look at acquiring furniture that can double up as a storage item, think ottomans, chests and storage containers to act as a piece of furniture that could work to your advantage. 
Renovation can be made easy, without the hassle and fuss and your home can be left looking amazing simply by following these steps. 

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