Spring has arrived - why you should be thinking of selling

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Earlier sunrises, warmer days and less rain have all signaled one thing - the very welcome arrival of Spring after a cold Winter.

Known to signal new beginnings, the season of renewal brings about excitement for all, especially buyers and sellers in the property market. 

Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie's International Real Estate says, "As we head toward the warmer months of the year, individuals are using this time to reflect, think about their futures and where they would like to be in the months and years to come. This presents a golden opportunity for those who are either thinking of or in the process of selling their home. Working with the right agent will also be a tremendous help as you begin the process of selling. 
"The property market has experienced a slower than average period of growth with some properties remaining on the market for an extended period of time during the colder months. Activity is however expected to pick up in the coming months and sellers are expected to receive more interest in their properties from prospective buyers."
People are using this time to reflect
This is the perfect opportunity for those who are thinking of selling because of upscaling, downscaling, life stage or any other reason. During this time of reflection, people may be looking at homes that are more within their price range, are closer to places of employment, schools, amenities, and within areas of interest to the prospective purchaser.

You know all about the property you own, what makes it unique and lets it stand out from other houses. Should you decide to sell, make a point of letting your agent know the unique selling points and highlights of your home before your property is listed. 

This is the time of year where parents are looking at new schools
School applications take place in the first half of the year and with all the logistical red tape involved in the process, it could take a month or two for the parents to have clarity on whether or not the child has been accepted into the school of their choice. Once they have clarity, parents may be looking at moving to a suburb or city that is closer to the child's school and naturally, would need a place to stay. If your property is situated near a few prominent schools, this would be a significant selling point for your home. 
Cape living offers an overall attractive lifestyle
Cape Town is renowned for being one of the most desirable cities to live in and has been repeatedly been showered with a range of 'bests' by many publications that acknowledge the much desired and sought-after lifestyle. These various titles and awards have resulted in many flocking to the Cape, be it from other provinces or abroad. If your property is accurately priced according to what the current market dictates, has relatively good features and is within a sought-after area, you could be looking at a quick and effortless sale. 
Taking all of the above into account, with Spring on the horizon, selling your home could be the best move you will ever make.

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